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Entry #1

oh god please

2007-10-07 02:00:05 by GoldenSalamander

i am an artists please watch mine cartoon Boy Gentle please


i made it 4n u

love, sally mander,


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2008-01-02 16:21:54

Well you know, I have like most of your animation, this one was... slightly pleasing. The thing is it's almost always the same thing, some racism here and there, insert nazi paraphernalia here and there, that's about it.

I'm not saying your animation isn't bad, infact it's pretty damn good. Welcome to the Hilton and Puncher was very funny. The point i'm tryign to come across is that I think you need to get over this Nazi obssesion, if I can call it an obsession, possibly make some more animation for your newgrounds fans, and maybe make some original flash, original flash longer than two minutes.


2008-08-01 06:13:50

This is despicable.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

I vote to have GoldenSalamander banned from Newgrounds.


2008-11-06 06:28:03

I watched your cartoons and I think you are pretty good at drawing, why don't you make some cartoon for Obama election?
This time, please, try something different from "watermelon and fried chicken".


2010-02-25 21:06:38

he y dood